Method 'Connect' failed due to an error: - 214 7467259 [DBNETLIB] [ConnectionOpen (Connect()).] SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

This message is displayed because the either the wrong server name was entered on the login screen, or the server is no longer available on the network, or the server cannot be reached. This could be due to one of the following reasons
·         A network failure
·         A hardware failure on the requested server
·         An incorrect server name being specified
·         SQL Server is not started on the specified server
.         The Firewall on the Server is blocking the connection
.         The SQL Browser Service is not started on the specified server
Solution: Check that the required server name is spelled correctly, that the network is working correctly, that the requested server is up and running and that SQL Server service as well as the SQL Server Browser service is started on the server. Also check that the Firewall is not blocking the connection. For more information on creating exceptions in the Windows Firewall for SQL Server please review the documentation on the Microsoft Web Site at:

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